We are animal lovers to our core. It’s who we were as children. It’s why we have dedicated our lives to becoming the best clinicians we can be. The love that you share with your pet is precious. And we have been training our entire lives to protect it.

From Their Eyes

We believe in reimagining the way that pets experience their trip to the vet. We have designed the experience from their eyes. From a treat machine in the lobby, to puppy popsicles, to peanut butter at every turn… we work to create a utopia for dogs and cats. A utopia filled with squeaky toys, laser pointers, and gentleness. Creating this positive, welcoming, joyful environment helps pets live longer, happier lives. You feel better about taking your pet in, they feel less stressed during examinations, and we are able to practice even better medicine. Because you both deserve it.

360 Degrees

We believe in reimagining what a veterinary practice can be for you. We take our time to understand the depth and context of the relationship you share with your pet. We build a 360 degree view of how your pet fits into your life. That way, we can be a central hub to provide you with guidance, resources, and everything else you need to live an even better life with your pet.

Of Care

Every single thing we do is about protecting the life that your pet shares with you. We approach medicine in a deeply collaborative way. We find the little ways to make a difference, educate you about different ways to help your pet live a longer, happier, more harmonious life by your side, and, no matter what life throws at you, are always there for you through it all.

Because to us, you and your pet are family. And in a thousand ways, we will work to protect the love you share with your pet.

A Thousand Ways To Care

Very helpful over the phone. The ladies here are attentive and knowledgeable. I feel very confident bringing Frøya for her puppy package.


They really care about your furry family members, and the humans attached to them and it shows! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

I have been going to Colony Vet for over a year and am so happy and grateful for their services. The entire team is excellent and they really listen to my concerns. They always take time to talk to me about what’s going on and work with me. They have also gone above and beyond on helping diagnose my dog’s ailments – they have responded promptly to my phone calls and emails asking for advice and have graciously squeezed me into the schedule if my dogs need more urgent care. I really appreciate and recommend their excellent care, approach, attitudes, and time!
I took my Cat there for a tooth removal and they were all so nice and caring. I felt very comfortable leaving my cat there even for the whole day. She’s much better now and I couldn’t be more thankful.
Ingrown toenail that was going to require going into her skin but they were able to trim it up. She’s so much happier.