Providing top-notch medical care for pets is complicated, but thanks to our highly skilled support team, we are able to partner with you for your pet’s life-long health. You have seen our office manager, client service representatives (CSRs), and veterinary technicians and assistants around the office, but probably don’t know much about them outside the comfort and care they give your pet. Here are some highlights about our talented team, to help you get to know them a little better.

We asked our support staff about their likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, and favorite parts of working at Colony Veterinary Hospital, and received inspirational, unique, and sometimes humorous answers. Meet our team members: 

  • Lauren, practice manager and registered veterinary technician (RVT) — One of our newest team members, Lauren, joined the Colony Animal Hospital family only a few months ago, but has already become invaluable. Originally from Orange County, California, Lauren has wanted to work with animals since childhood and has been a registered veterinary technician (RVT) since 2009. She met Dr. Vineyard at a veterinary conference last year, and they were recently reunited by a mutual colleague.
  • Tamlyn, CSR — CSR Tamlyn greets clients at our front desk and on the phone. Originally from South Africa, Tamlyn and her husband of three years have a 19-month-old son, Cruz, and are expecting twin daughters in December.
  • Jonni, CSR — Jonni has worked with animals since she was 18, first as a grooming assistant, and then a groomer. She next worked as a veterinary assistant at a high-paced emergency hospital, and was referred to Dr. Vineyard by a colleague.
  • Allison, registered veterinary technician — Originally from Lake Forest, California, Allison felt a pull to help animals in need live healthy, happy lives. Her passion led her to veterinary technician school to become an RVT.
  • Beth, veterinary assistant — Born and raised in San Diego, Beth has always loved working with animals. She takes pride in contributing to each pet’s care by gently restraining them during exams, handling lab samples, taking X-rays, and much more.
  • Paige, veterinary assistant — Paige grew up in Lake of the Pines, California, and knew at age 17 after rescuing a fawn that she wanted a career working with animals. She applied for a receptionist position with Colony Veterinary Hospital to gain veterinary experience.
  • Brittany, veterinary assistant — Our newest veterinary assistant grew up in Gun Barrel, Texas, and recently moved to San Diego. After losing her childhood dog to cancer, she developed a passion for working in veterinary medicine to help other pets live long, healthy lives with their families.

Furry family members

We love hearing about our team’s human families, but like most animal-minded people, we’re sure you are most eager to learn about their four-legged family members.

  • Lauren — Our practice manager has two pets—Koda, the cocker spaniel-pitbull mix, and Rosemary, her 12-year-old, sassy black cat.
  • Jonni — Jonni rescued her canine companion, Jyn—named after the Star Wars character—while working at an emergency hospital, after she was brought in by the Animal Pad.
  • Allison — Allison’s 4-year-old Doberman pinscher mix, Lola, was adopted from a rescue organization, and is the perfect companion and cuddling partner for her 2-year-old daughter, Mila.
  • Beth — Beth has two black cats, Jax and Gyzmo. 
  • Tamlyn — Although Tamlyn does not currently have a pet—she fulfills her need for furry snuggles at work—she hopes to adopt a Rottweiler when her kids are older. 
  • Paige — Paige has two cats—a Siamese and an orange tabby—2 dogs—a collie mix and a paralyzed white German shorthair pointer—and a marginated tortoise.
  • Brittany — Brittany provides a loving home for two dogs and two cats. 

Likes and dislikes

We know our team loves everything animal-related, but what else do they like? And, what do they dislike?

  • Lauren — Our practice manager’s favorite food is Alaskan king crab legs, and she enjoys singing and cooking. While she sneaks in a cuddle with every dog and cat we see, don’t ask her to care for your pet tarantula—her greatest fear is spiders. 
  • Tamlyn — Tamlyn loves sushi, Thai food, hamburgers, oldies music, and crafting in her spare time, but she is deathly afraid of cockroaches. 
  • Jonni — Jonni’s favorite meal is spicy poke, and her playlist includes all types of music, including indie alternative and rap. She likes watching psychological thriller movies—and anything with Seth Rogan—yet she is afraid of being alone in the dark.
  • Allison — Allison eats turkey sandwiches every chance she gets, likes jamming to country and reggae music, and enjoys a good comedy flick.  
  • Beth — In addition to caring for her animal patients, Beth enjoys photography, hiking, biking, and art. She likes spending time outdoors, and prefers wide, open spaces to city life.
  • Paige — Paige enjoys traveling alone to new places, and seeks out sushi and seafood restaurants. She loves playing beach and court volleyball, and despite being afraid of sharks, she swims into the bay to cool off after a sweaty match. 
  • Brittany — Brittany loves playing soccer and digging into a plate of lasagna. She has a fear of drowning, but hopefully will become more comfortable in the water after her recent move to San Diego.

Fun facts and unique talents

Their talent for caring for your pets like their own is a given, but what other talents and fun facts lie behind our team’s scrubs?

  • Lauren — You may be surprised to learn that Lauren was part of a TV show about veterinary medicine and caring for homeless peoples’ pets.
  • Jonni — Jonni was a competitive cheerleader for many years, and has an uncanny knack for rescuing wilted houseplants from Home Depot and bringing them back to life. She hopes to earn a bachelor’s degree in literature, and work in a college library one day.
  • Allison — Allison is athletic and loves all things sport-related. You’ll likely find her snowboarding, or playing basketball or baseball during her time off. 
  • Tamlyn — Tamlyn would like to revisit her roots, and take her family to South Africa, and Alaska.
  • Paige — With her cooking, sewing, and crafting experience, Paige could teach a home economics class. She especially enjoys sewing her own clothes.

Favorite part of working at our hospital

Most importantly, we asked our team members why they love working at Colony Veterinary Hospital, and their answers reinforce their dedication.

  • Lauren: “Knowing at the end of the day that I made a difference in the lives of animals, and am continuing the practice of high-quality medicine and excellent standard of care for our patients.”
  • Jonni: “I have fallen in love with emergency medicine, and assistant work. Thanks for taking the time to help me get settled here—everyone is really excellent.”
  • Allison — “Saving animals.” 
  • Beth: “My favorite part of being a veterinary technician assistant is being able to make our patients and clients feel comfortable with the care we provide for them.”
  • Paige — “Seeing pets recover from illness and injuries, and knowing I played a part in their journey.”
  • Brittany — “The thankful cuddles I receive from our patients.”

Although our team is united in their love for animals, they are a diverse and unique group. The next time you are at Colony Veterinary Hospital, ask Jonni how her latest plant rescue is doing, or Tamlyn for the best sushi restaurant in town. If your pet is due for their annual wellness visit, or you have concerns about their health, make an appointment, and see our amazing team in action.