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7 Reasons Pet Owners Should Be Concerned About Pancreatitis

Overweight pets, and those who are fed or steal table scraps, are at higher risk for pancreatitis, which can lead to several problematic, and possibly life-threatening, conditions. Our team at Colony Veterinary Hospital wants to explain why you should be concerned if your pet develops pancreatitis.  #1: Pancreatitis is painful for pets The pancreas is [...]

Pick and Chews—Finding a Safe Chew Toy For Your Dog

Is your dog dining on the kitchen table, or tearing the upholstery from your ottoman? If so, you need to redirect their gnawing in a positive, safe direction. Unfortunately, a trip to the pet store to select a proper chew toy can leave your head spinning—amid hundreds of animal parts, synthetic bones, and flavors, how [...]

FAQ about the F-I-X—Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

Spaying or neutering your pet is the best decision you can make for their long-term health. Unfortunately, a quick internet search may leave you confused, as you will find many debates and opinions about this previously no-brainer topic. The team at Colony Veterinary Hospital knows that you may be scared about signing your pet up [...]

My Dog Vomited—6 Reasons You Should Be Worried

Dog owners expect to clean up the occasional mess from their dog’s upset stomach. However, not every vomiting incident is benign. Some conditions that cause your dog to vomit should be addressed by a veterinary professional. Our team at Colony Veterinary Hospital wants to provide information about when you should be worried about your dog [...]

5 Tips to Help Your Cat Love Their Litter Box

You have always prided yourself on your clean house, but lately your home smells like a litter box. For unknown reasons, your cat has decided to shun their litter box, leaving you on constant clean-up duty. Our team at Colony Veterinary Hospital sought advice from Nadia, a naughty cat who routinely eliminates outside her litter [...]

When Does My Pet Need Emergency Care?

You are extremely conscientious where your pet’s health is concerned. You ensure that all their vaccines are current, and that all their parasite preventives are given as directed. Their diet consists of only the most nutritious foods. However, the best-cared-for pet can become sick or injured. If they start exhibiting worrisome signs, how do you [...]

Why Does My Dog Do That? Weird Dog Behaviors Explained

One reason you likely love hanging out with your canine companion is their entertaining antics, from tilting their head when you ask if they want to go for a walk, to chasing their tail in circles. Although you realize these displays are part of your dog’s goofy personality, you no doubt still wonder why they [...]

Behind the White Coat: Meet Dr. Vineyard

You naturally want to know whom you’re entrusting with your pet’s care. We love bragging about our incredible team and want you to get to know them better. This month, we’re highlighting Dr. Sarah Vineyard, Colony Veterinary Hospital’s owner and medical director. Dr. Vineyard is also a certified veterinary acupuncturist, with a passion for providing [...]

Enrichment for Your Indoor Cat

While cats who live indoors are safer from outdoor hazards like predators, trauma or injury, and infectious diseases, they are also more prone to behavioral issues. These problems, such as anxiety, attention-seeking, aggression, and urinating or defecating outside the litter box, may stem from boredom, so providing mental and physical stimulation can stem these behaviors. [...]

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