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Itching for Answers—Recognizing Pet Allergies

You are likely familiar with humans’ common allergy signs, such as sneezing, sore throat, congestion, and watery eyes, but you may be unable to recognize your pet’s allergy signs, because they are dissimilar. You may believe your dog’s all-night scratching or your cat’s sudden hair pulling are grooming issues, but these signs may be a [...]

Preventing Flea and Tick Infestations in Pets

Fleas and ticks annoy our beloved pets, but these pests can be more than an itchy nuisance, causing adverse conditions ranging from an allergy to a life-threatening illness. Some diseases these parasites transmit can also affect humans, making infestation prevention a must. Remember, once established in your home, fleas are extremely difficult to eradicate, so [...]

What Pet Owners Should Know About a Professional Veterinary Dental Cleaning

Dental disease is prevalent in pets, and a professional veterinary dental cleaning is an important part of your pet’s health care plan, to prevent problems and address issues caused by dental disease. Our team at Colony Veterinary Hospital wants to provide information about this procedure, so you know what to expect when you schedule your [...]

4 Tips to Prolong Your Pet’s Life

The biggest downside to owning a pet is that they leave this world too soon, but did you know you can take certain steps to prolong their life? Our team at Colony Veterinary Hospital wants to help by providing tips to improve your pet’s wellbeing and add years to their life. #1: Ensure your pet [...]

FAQs About Coughing in Pets

If you hear your pet cough, you may wonder if you should be concerned. Do they simply have an irritation in their throat, or is the cough caused by a more serious issue? Our team at Colony Veterinary Hospital wants to help by answering some frequently asked questions about coughing in pets. Question: Why do [...]

Understanding Your Pet’s Kidney Failure Diagnosis

If your pet has recently been diagnosed with kidney failure, you are likely confused and frightened. Your pet may be extremely ill or show no outward signs—either way, you may feel guilty for not recognizing they were sick. However, kidney failure can progress slowly and give little to no warning (i.e., chronic kidney disease [CKD]), [...]

7 Reasons Pet Owners Should Be Concerned About Pancreatitis

Overweight pets, and those who are fed or steal table scraps, are at higher risk for pancreatitis, which can lead to several problematic, and possibly life-threatening, conditions. Our team at Colony Veterinary Hospital wants to explain why you should be concerned if your pet develops pancreatitis.  #1: Pancreatitis is painful for pets The pancreas is [...]

Pick and Chews—Finding a Safe Chew Toy For Your Dog

Is your dog dining on the kitchen table, or tearing the upholstery from your ottoman? If so, you need to redirect their gnawing in a positive, safe direction. Unfortunately, a trip to the pet store to select a proper chew toy can leave your head spinning—amid hundreds of animal parts, synthetic bones, and flavors, how [...]

FAQ about the F-I-X—Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

Spaying or neutering your pet is the best decision you can make for their long-term health. Unfortunately, a quick internet search may leave you confused, as you will find many debates and opinions about this previously no-brainer topic. The team at Colony Veterinary Hospital knows that you may be scared about signing your pet up [...]

My Dog Vomited—6 Reasons You Should Be Worried

Dog owners expect to clean up the occasional mess from their dog’s upset stomach. However, not every vomiting incident is benign. Some conditions that cause your dog to vomit should be addressed by a veterinary professional. Our team at Colony Veterinary Hospital wants to provide information about when you should be worried about your dog [...]

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