At Colony Veterinary Hospital, we believe that every pet should be treated as if they were our own. Each patient is assigned a team comprised of dedicated medical professionals to provide care and comfort during your pets stay with us. This team takes care to  make sure that your pet is happy and comfortable both prior to and after their surgery.

At Colony Veterinary Hospital, we take the utmost care prior to and during any anesthetic procedure to ensure that your pet has the safest possible experience. Safety begins with taking every anesthetic procedure seriously. Prior to surgery, each patient is given a nose to tail physical exam to assess his/her general health. Blood tests are also performed to make sure internal organ functions are at optimum levels. If all of these tests are normal, the potential risks of anesthesia are minimal.

Throughout the procedure, every patient also has his/her blood pressure, blood oxygen, EKG and body temperature measured on a continuous basis. This attention to detail allows us to detect any anesthetic problems right away and adjust the anesthesia according to your individual pets needs.

Our anesthetic procedures combine comprehensive surgical monitoring equipment with hands-on technician observation, while your pet’s post-op care consists of constant evaluation of vital signs and assessment of pain control.

Colony Cares

  • Our caring technicians make comfort a priority with a pain management plan tailored for your pet.
  • Our surgical team includes one doctor and at least one veterinary technician dedicated to your pet
  • Our doctors will call you after the procedure and schedule a dismissal time, during which they can address any additional questions or concerns.


She was amazing during one of the saddest moments in my life...

I am very happy to have Dr. Vineyard as my new vet. She was amazing during one of the saddest moments in my life with the passing of my sweet dog Daisy. Not only was she very professional but she also was so kind and caring. She also sent me the s...

Jamie R.
Professional and Compassionate

Dr. Vineyard was the utmost professional and showed great compassion for us and our cat, Bailey. Dealing with one of the most difficult decisions we've had to make, Dr. Vineyard thoroughly discussed our options and when we decided to say our goodb...

Lois H.

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