Preventative Care and Exams

Preventative care and annual wellness examinations done by our doctor is a vital part of helping your pet maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Exams
Bringing your pet to our hospital at least once a year for a physical examination can aid in the early detection of serious illnesses. During a physical exam with Dr. Vineyard, your pet is assessed from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail. Dr. Vineyard believes that educating each client on their pet’s health is the foundation of the client/doctor relationship. Each examination is scheduled so Dr.Vineyard has the appropriate time to communicate to each pet owner exactly what their pet needs to stay healthy. Evaluating the ear, eyes, mouth, coat, body condition and listening to your pet’s heart and lungs are just a few key points of the physical exam.

Preventative Care

At Colony Veterinary Hospital we take into consideration that not all pets live the same lifestyle. Part of what makes our hospital great is it’s location! Nestled between canyons and the beach, we know that our canine friends have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with you. It’s our goal to keep them protected from the elements by educating our pet owners about Leptospirosis and Rattlesnake vaccines. We also offer several choices in our pharmacy for flea, tick and heartworm prevention.

For our feline friends, we know that prevention of disease starts with the basics which is why we administer vaccines that have been rigorously tested by the manufacturer. We also want to let our feline pet parents know that just because their cat is indoor only does not mean they are not at risk for fleas or other environmental risks.

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