Pet Sitter Authorization


During my absence, ___________________will be caring for my animal(s), Pet(s) Names ______________________________. They have my permission to bring them in for treatment as deemed necessary. I authorize you to treat my animal(s). I will be fully responsible for all fees and charges. I will pay for all charges incurred on my behalf upon my return. I further authorize you to give out any information regarding the care/treatment of my animal(s) to the pet sitter mentioned above. ***Client’s Initials _____


Client Name__________________________________________ Date______________
Address _______________________________________________________________
Home Phone _____________ Emergency/Cell Phone____________________________
Email Address __________________________________________________________

Special Instructions ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Max Amount for Urgent Care Services $_______________

**If charges are to exceed this amount, I am to be contacted for further authorization.

Pet Sitter Name ________________________________________________________________
Home Phone_____________Work Phone _________________ Cell Phone ________________

I authorize you to treat my animal(s) and I will be fully responsible for all fees and charges. I will pay for all charges that are incurred on my behalf, and will pay in full immediately upon my arrival.

_____________________________________________________ ______________
Signature of Client/ Responsible Agent for Pet Date

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